Here is a summary of the pricing options for Made an Impact:

  • Try out a shared sample site for free - contact us to set up
  • Try your own site here for free for a month- contact us to set up
  • Plan Online-1: Unfunded voluntary organisation: 1 user: free
  • Plan Online-2: Funded organisation: 3 users: £5 per month
  • Plan Online-3: Funded organisation: 10 users: £10 per month
  • Plan Online-4: Funded organisation: 25 users: £20 per month
  • Self-Install plan: unlimited users: from £1,000 setup for first year then £250 per year

Customisations and Training courses are extra.  Support is included for paid plans.

Some question templates are available for free - specific methodologies may be available from us and partners for a charge.

The software can be used from anywhere in the world - get in contact for local price quotes.

Try it out

Contact us if you would like to try out the software on a shared site.  We will give you the necessary permissions to access the Made an Impact control panel.  You can register with different emails to see how the access roles differ.  Remember that any data you enter here will be visible to others.

Get your own site here for a month for free

Your next step should be to request your own trial site here, free for a month.  Please contact us, including details of what plan you would like after the trial.

We will set up a full site for you with all options enabled.  The site will use a domain name such as  The site will initially have yourself as one user with full access to the data, configure the software and with the ability to add or edit content at the site.  If you are considering one of the paid plans, we can set up further user accounts with different permissions.

Hosted online plans

The simplest way to use the Made an Impact system is to let us run it for you.  We will ensure that the software is always available and up to date.

The cost of the hosted plans depends on your organisation's funding.

  • If you are an entirely unfunded voluntary organisation , we will run your site for free
  • If you are funded, eg through grants, or are a commercial or goverment organisation, then the cost depends on the number of users that you want:
    • For up to three users, the cost is £5 per month
    • For up to ten users, the cost is £10 per month
    • For up to 25 users, the cost is £20 per month

We can host your site at your own own domain - at a basic additional cost of £5 per month.

On your own site

If you wish complete control, you can opt to install the software yourself on your own site; you can run it on a standard Internet site or on your Intranet.

Please see the technical specifications for details of the server requirements.  You will need a Microsoft ASP.NET server with DotNetNuke DNN 5 installed.

A fee of £1,000 will cover the cost of the software, including support and updates for a year.  Thereafter, updates and support will cost £250 per year.  The setup cost includes limited advice on how to set up your server.  Any detailed intervention by us will be chargeable.

Don't forget, we can host your site at your own domain or sub-domain - see above.


We can provide training in two ways:

  • We can work with you online, eg using Skype screenshare, on an hourly basis
  • We can provide training at our offices in Cumbria or at your site

We hope that partners will set up training sessions.


We will work on improving the software to provide better facilities for all users.

If you need help configuring the software, or would like to commission specific changes, then please get in touch for pricing.

Service Level Agreement

For our hosting plans, we use a trusted cloud hosting service that claims 100% uptime.  If you see any issues, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible; we are based in the United Kingdom and someone is usually available for immediate response during the day and in the evening, UK-time, and often at weekends.  Contact us if you require specific out-of-hours support.